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Whether searching for talented crew and collaborators, finding the best short films to watch, important funding opportunities, or learning your craft from the best online tutorials, 'The List' offers 60 comprehensive pages to help you bring your projects from script to screen, find places to submit work and progress in your career. 
Designed to accompany the unique short film consultancy, but also a useful standalone resource for emerging filmmakers not taking the Zoom sessions.
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A comprehensive directory of resources for upcoming UK filmmakers.

Short Film Courses  |  Film Schools  |  Drama Schools  |  Online Guides  |  Online Learning  | YouTube & online craft interviews
Script feedback/development  | Screenwriting Competitions  | Screenwriting & Filmmaking Labs
Interviews with Short Filmmakers  |  Short Film viewing websites  | Short Film Distributors & Aggregators
Selected Short Films  |  Short Film Funding Opportunities  |   Short Film Festival Submissions Platforms
Short Film Festival Consultants  |  Sourcing Crew  | Casting Directors  |  Talent Agencies (Above the Line)  |  Composer Agencies
Kit Hire Facilities  | Post Production Houses  | Film Insurance  |  Film Studios  |  Finance & Sales, Feature Films  |  Production Companies (Shorts, Commercials, Features & TV)
Podcasts on Scriptwriting & Filmmaking  | Selected Books on Writing & Filmmaking
Career progression, mentoring & organisations
Winter 2023-24 edition. Organisations, companies, opportunities and links are subject to change. Whilst Turn The Slate Productions is aware all of the information in the List is freely available, it has not to our knowledge previously been compiled in such a comprehensive single document.
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Note: short film consultancy clients receive a free copy of the List.

An incredibly thorough and rich directory with a multitude of great contacts in every department of the film industry - a really useful toolset for those already in the business or even just starting out. Ollie Cheng